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Grants for Teachers

Teacher Grants for Innovation

Thanks to the continued support of our generous donors, the Belton Educational Foundation has awarded over $350,000 since the beginning of the Teacher Grant Program in 2008. Each year, the Foundation encourages all teachers in the Belton School District to submit innovative ideas through this competitive grant request process. School District administrators review submissions and, if approved, are sent on to the Foundation for review and selection by a committee.

BEF Mini Grants

New in 2023 - BEF Mini Grants!  Access to a small amount of funds for a project to enhance learning for your students or enhance your teaching.  Our goal is to get your project approved and funded in as little as 2 weeks!  Short application, short wait time, but positive impact!

Grants for New Teachers

Each year, we welcome our new teachers with their first BEF Grant during their preservice training days.  New teachers usually have a long wish list of items to purchase or their classrooms!  What a way to welcome them to the district, show them what it means to be a part of the Belton Pirate family, and to help to make a few of their wishes come true!

Ferguson Excellence in Teaching award and Grant

Each year, we welcome our new teachers with their first BEF Grant during their preservice days.  BEF honors an outstanding teacher each year with the Jon S. Ferguson Excellence in Teaching award and $2,500 grant (given through an endowed fund comprised of gifts from many Belton alumni and community members)..  Mr. Ferguson was chosen as the namesake of this award because he epitomized the excellence in teaching required to win this award. The recipient is announced each year in the fall. 

Grant applications are open August - November and January - April

Use the link below for the application and start your grant application today!

BEF Teacher Grant Application

BEF Mini Grant Info

The Mini Grant Application is OPEN - 

Use the link to copy and complete the form.  

Link to Mini Grant Application

Watch this video - Grant Project funded by BEF

Hippotherapy for BMS Special Education classes.

Ferguson Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients:

2010-2011 - Kelly Crumley 

2011-2012 - Ann Sharp

2012-2013 - Tasha Zimmer

2013-2014 - Taylor Stitt

2014-2015 - Helga Watts

2015-2016 - Jill Beck 

2016-2017 - Ashleigh Wooldridge

2017-2018 - Andrew Mullen 

2018-2019 - Lori Blankenship

2019-2020 - Tyler Epstein 

2020-2021 - Kelley Daniels 

2021-2022 - Michelle (Shelley) Tiedeman 

2022-2023 - Megan Baxter