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Mental Health Support

Mental Health Grant for School-based Therapy

The Belton Educational Foundation writes and manages a grant that provides licensed therapists in every Belton school to provide school-based therapy for student mental wellness.  Since 2012, this program has grown to provide mental and behavioral health care in Belton schools to over 300 students annually, reducing barriers to quality mental health care for children in Belton.

You Matter Belton

We partner in the You Matter Belton initiative:
You Matter Belton is committed to bringing our community together, to connect with, and remind our youth of their importance, and that they do MATTER.

Join us for a You Matter Belton Day!

Follow our Facebook page - You Matter Belton - to see how you can volunteer to help us with You Matter Belton Days.

On You Matter Belton Days, we greet students at their schools with some trinkets or reminders to show them that they do MATTER.

To access School-based Therapy in the Belton Schools

If you are a parent or student who would like to learn more about how to access school-based therapy, please reach out to your teacher, school counselor, or principal.

You Matter Belton Shirts

You can support You Matter Belton by purchasing shirts or making a donation using the link below.  We have new designs periodically, so keep checking back here.

Order You Matter Belton Shirts and/or make a Donation